Blood Bought

by When Forever Ends

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Blood Bought, a collection of two songs that combine to tell the story of the betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ.


released May 13, 2016

Recording, mixing, and mastering: Andy Sanchez Recordings
Artwork: Annie Wilde



all rights reserved


When Forever Ends Waco, Texas

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Track Name: Is This A Crime Scene
Oh Father!
My time has come
May this day be a revelatory mirror
Oh Father!
Restore My seat of glory[1]

I am He!
I am the One that you’re seeking[2]

You brought Me My cup in the garden[3]
The betrayer led you to Me
Only darkness could have played host to such a scene[4]

Do not resist
I am bringing this cup to my own lips[5]

I am a King!
If my Kingdom was before your eyes,
My servants would not let Me die[6]
You bring me to the feet of men
Whose power comes from the hand of My Father
You’ve lead the Lamb to the slaughter[7]

Imprisoned in the place of the rebel
My death for his life[8]
You cannot wash your hands of this:[9]
A holy Man will die

Raise me up on the crossbeams
Your white flag
Your battle is mine

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Track Name: Because There's Blood Everywhere
Blood bought!
Oh daughters of mine,
Do not shed a tear for Me
It was foretold I would suffer
But wail for your children
For the shades of the leaves
Are turning warm
The tree is wilting[1]
The dark chambers
Within the hearts of men are vast
Bone-dry palates curse the earth

Cast lots for My garments
Fulfill the prophecy[2]
Raise the grace of My tattered flesh up
This agony will bring sons home to Me[3]

The Son of Man
Hung between thieves on a roadside[4]
The Son of God
Body naked and failing
Pierced for the sake of grace[5]
I am the Man without a face[6]

It is finished.[7]

He’s alive!
Our King is alive!
Why do you look for the living among the dead?[8]
Our King is alive!

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