Blessed Hope EP

by When Forever Ends

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released June 20, 2015



all rights reserved


When Forever Ends Waco, Texas

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Track Name: As Above So Below
As above, so below
This is not a new path
It’s been tread throughout the past

It’s hard to find
And harder to follow

Undaunted and un-phased
I’ve walked the wide path
I’ve drunk of her waters
Waters that leave me
Waters that leave me thirsty for more
Waters that leave me begging for death

His grace called out to me
Freely offering
So much more
So sweet, so fulfilling

By his grace I left the wide road
He set my feet on the narrow path

An unmeasurable sacrifice
Freely given to give me a choice for life
A perfect life
Lived for me
So I’ll follow Him and all His commands
As He is above, so I will be below

This is not a new path
It’s been tread throughout the past
I’ll follow him until the end.
Track Name: One Sacrifice
Let me tell you a story
It begins with our demise
We have a debt we can’t pay

It began in the Garden of Eden
By the fruit humanity fell into the death of sin

For centuries no person could ever please God
Our selfish intentions masked by piety could never fool Him
We needed a sacrifice
Oh where is the one that will take away Adam’s curse?

Born of a virgin
Holy and blameless
One nail for each year of His ministry hung Him on the altar of the cross

And it pleased God to crush Him because on His back he bore
The sins of humanity
One sacrifice
Once and for all

The time has come
You can have new life
In Christ alone you can rest
And be satisfied

Christ died for your life!
Track Name: Cornerstone (ft. Andy Sanchez)
On this Cornerstone will be our home
A timeless foundation that will never fail
And the frame that is built upon it will never fall
So let the wind blow
We won’t be shaken
Our pillars formed by the fallen blood

They say that it won’t last
No foundation is meant to endure
While they point at us their walls are crashing down

They look on in agony trying so hard to repair their lives
In denial that their foundations are sinking into the sand

Arise from the rubble
And take our hands
We’ll show you the path
To stand firm until the end
Track Name: Weight Of The World
You’ve fallen again
Stumbled across the same chains for the thousandth time

You’ve been here so many times before
With your face plastered onto the floor
You’ve tried to escape for so long

But these chains keep calling your name
“How much longer ‘til I escape?” you cry
Back bent by the pulling of the chains
Begging inwardly for change
But the pull never seemed so strong as when freedom felt so near

So for the thousandth and first time you’re back in that old familiar place
More well known than any other place

You’re on the brink
You’re crying out
Anyone, please
Save me!

I have heard you cry:
“Anyone please save me!”
And I’m here to help.
But you have to understand
We’re not going by your plans
Let me in

Lift your eyes!
Rise again!
I will help you stand!
Track Name: TSFKAT
There is one God
He is perfect and holy in love
I wonder: do you know Him?

I don’t want the rocks to sing
I take my place
Will you join me?

One day
The veil will be removed
And all will see with clear eyes
And their tongues will confess:
Jesus is God!
Jesus is Lord of Many!
He sits enthroned above Angel Armies!

We proclaim Your majesty
To all the earth, we will sing
Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
The Earth is full of His glory
Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who Was and Is to come
There is one God

Praise God in His sanctuary
Praise Him in His mighty Heavens
Praise Him for His acts of power
Praise Him for His surpassing greatness

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!